Advanced function

1. One-Sentence:

    • Output customized sentence in Binary or ASCI mode, or simplify NMEA output to reduce MCU load.
    • Other customizations available per customer’s requirement or algorithms.
    • Default: NMEA

Applications: Security, Wearable’s, etc.

2. Last Position Retention:

    • You can continue to the output the last position in the event of losing GNSS fix.
    • Default: Disabled

Applications: Asset Tracking, Vehicle Tracking

3. Magnetic Variation:

    • This option outputs degree of magnetic variation & magnetic heading, which is useful for navigation and determining direction.
    • Default: Disabled

Applications: Vehicle Tracking

4. Geo-fencing:

    • Allows you to set a radius value around a target position, and informs the user if the receiver is inside or outside this predefined boundary.
    • Default: Disabled

Applications: Pet Tracking, Personal Tracking, Security

5. Distance Calculation:

    • You can calculate direct distance between current location and other points. This calculation is done by the module itself and can decrease load on the users MCU.
    • Default :Disabled

Applications : Aviation

6. Navigation mode:

    • You can choose different configurations based on your application e.g. : Vehicle, Pedestrian, Aircraft, Air balloon

Applications: Vehicle Tracking, Personal Tracking, UAV